Learn how different segments of your organization can benefit from using TaskTwo PPM

The Executive Team

Improved Decision Support

  • Base your decision-making process on information that is timely, accurate and complete
  • Gain enterprise-wide visibility with real-time reports, dashboards, charts and schedules
  • Improve your understanding of current and planned activities across the organization

Superior Strategic Alignment

  • Align all project investments with the organization's strategic priorities
  • Select the most profitable and strategically-significant projects
  • Avoid no-value projects and defer low-value and poorly-aligned projects

Broader Investment Consensus

  • Use portfolio performance, capacity and cost forecasts to select and substantiate your project investments
  • Explore investment scenarios and make trade-off decisions with full visibility into the business impact


Maximized Portfolio Value

  • Prioritize projects using the benefit comparison method, with project priority scorecards containing financial and alignment metrics
  • Focus on high-value projects that are well aligned with the business strategy
  • Avoid portfolio value erosion with easy recognition of low-value or poorly-aligned projects

Information Timeliness and Consistency

  • All project plans and documents are stored in a centralized repository
  • All levels of the organization work with the same project information
  • Updates to project information are instantly reflected across the organization
  • KPIs, statistics and forecasts are updated in real time

Better Alignment of Capacity and Demand

  • Improved capacity planning accuracy and real-time monitoring of capacity utilization
  • Automatic project selection and scheduling tools
  • Capacity management and staffing scenario modeling tools

Functional Managers

Simplified Resource Management

  • Full visibility into the activities of employees, consultants and outsourced service providers
  • Improved collaboration with project managers in matrix organizations
  • Measure resource requirements, availability, utilization and performance in real time

Faster Reaction to Change

  • Recognize and mitigate capacity issues in advance while keeping projects in motion and avoiding delays
  • Respond quicker to resource requests from project managers
  • Substantiate your resource allocation decisions with schedule and cost metrics and quantifiable strategic priorities

Focus on Cost and Profitability

  • Monitor project costs closely and accurately, keep track of cash flows
  • Review project profitability indicators such as ROI, NPV, IRR, break-even etc.
  • Quantify risks and review risk-adjusted KPIs and cash flow schedules

Project Managers

Easy Management of Distributed Teams

  • Connect teams, suppliers of outsourced services and customers across the world
  • Access projects and documents securely, without special software or VPN connections
  • Use the built-in distributed data collection workflows to reduce or eliminate the time spent collecting status information

Improved Agility

  • Use the advanced resource allocation functionality to fill requirements quickly and reliably
  • Receive early warning of unplanned developments such as schedule or cost overages
  • Detect resource under- and overallocation and perform the necessary reassignments
  • Spend less time preparing management update reports

Increased Project Success Rate

  • Closely track project progress, performance, resourcing, cost and funding
  • Recognize tasks and projects at risk and adjust the schedule and resource allocation
  • Use historic and aggregated project data for superior post-mortem analysis

Team Members

Efficient Management of Daily Activities

  • Keep track of assignments and action items with daily activity lists
  • Report assignment progress and effort with just a few clicks and keystrokes
  • Review completion forecasts based on progress and effort to date
  • Receive automatic e-mail activity reminders and event notifications

Improved Collaboration

  • Share information inside the project workspace
  • Attach documents to projects, control document visibility
  • Receive e-mail notifications for new assignments, action items, update requests etc

Better Visibility and Communication

  • Keep the management informed with timesheets and progress updates
  • Aggregate your work history for consulting or client-billable activities
  • Highlight instances of overly-optimistic allocation and substantiate your requests for additional time or assistance

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